Injury and Back Pain First Aid

Injury and Back Pain First Aid

When an injury is first sustained the area will be very sore and sometimes too sore for osteopathic treatment. If you are in doubt call us to see if treatment is appropriate.  In the mean time try some of the tips below.


As soon possible after the event it can help to apply cold to the area.

Where there is inflammation and tissue damage  use crushed ice cubes, a pack of frozen peas or a gel cold pack,  wrapped in a tea towel, onto the area for five to ten minutes. This can be repeated  once an hour throughout the day if necessary.

Contrast Bathing

If ice on its own is not effective then using a combination of heat and ice may help.

For heat use a hot water bottle, wheat bag, or gel pack, again wrapped in a tea towel, and follow the routine below.  Using hot and cold in this way helps to reduce inflammation and relieve tight muscles too.

Ice – 2 minutes
Heat – 2 Minutes
Ice – 2 Minutes
Heat – 2 Minutes
Ice – 2 Minutes

Always start and end with ice.


Gentle stretching where muscles feel tight can help.  Hold the stretch until you feel the muscles release – 30-40 seconds.  Try not to ‘bounce’ the stretch.   If the stretch hurts, STOP, this is your body’s natural warning system and should be listened to.

Activity or Rest?

In general gentle movement is better than complete inactivity.  Every 20 minutes or so try to potter about and avoid sitting still for too long.   If you are using ice, or contrast bathing do this first, then gently get going again.

For more specific advice call us on 01943 872278.     We’re happy to give advice over the phone and it’s FREE!

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