Does Osteopathy Work?

relaxing neck massage

A new report has been published by the Institute of Osteopathy. It brings together existing research and evidence showing how the skills of an osteopath can help to improve patient outcomes.

Highlights include:

• After 1 week, 89.5% of osteopathic patients report some level of improvement in their symptoms.

• At 6 weeks, 96.2% of osteopathic patients report improvement or recovery.

• 96.4% of patients say they are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with osteopathic care

• There is good evidence for manual therapy reducing pain and disability, while improving function and range of movement for MSK problems including low back pain, neck pain, shoulder dysfunction, cervicogenic headaches, and in pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain

• Research suggests that the integration of several treatment approaches, as practised by osteopaths, may be the most effective management strategy

• Osteopathic patients also report a high level of confidence in their osteopath as their healthcare professional

Access the full document here:

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