Remote Consultations

As the COVID-19 pandemic restricts our contact with patients who are unable to come to the practice we are offering a new remote consultation service.

For anyone needing advice we are offering a FREE telephone consultation with Wendy Holtham.  Please call 01943 872278

Perfect for those self-isolating but needing more…

We will be able to offer a 30-40 minute consultation to provide you with tailored advice on your problem, including self help advice/treatment techniques, stretching and strengthening exercises, activity, lifestyle and general health advice.  There is a £20 fee for this service.

Please call us on 01943 872278 to book.

For Patients – A guide telephone and video consultations

As highly trained healthcare professionals we are able to apply our professional clinical judgement via remote sessions during the Coronavirus – Covid-19 epidemic.

  • One-to-one methods of communications are best. We are offering you a choice of a direct telephone call, Skype or Zoom for video messaging.
  • You may find that using headphones can reduce the risk of sound feedback
Before the consultation
  • Download the Skype app from and follow the instruction to register if necessary
  • For a Skype consultation please make sure you are in a well-lit private room
  • Take the video or telephone call in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
During the consultation
  • You may be asked to perform some movements so make sure you have the space to do this and ensure that the movement is visible
At the end of the consultation
  • We will summarise the key points of the consultation to ensure that you have fully understood any advice given and nothing has been mis-heard
  • You will be able to ask any questions or flag up anything that needs  clarifying
  • If an exercise plan has been recommended this will be emailed to you.  This will have links to videos for you to follow